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Highly Effective Treatments for Premature Ejaculation

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Therapy for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a male sexual impairment that is deliberating. There are many surveys that have been carried on this topic trying to come up with a proper definition. There are various ways that PE is defined. There are those that consider PE as sexual dysfunction all the time. This is because each en every male species ejaculates almost immediately on vagina penetration.

Diagnosis and Classification

There are two distinct entities of PE. These are acquired and lifelong PE. The lifelong is a condition that does not rely on the environment in which the sexual activity is taking place, it, however, exists since the onset of sexual activity. On the other hand, acquired develop to an individual who previously had normal ejaculation control and can develop gradually or suddenly.
There are no apparent causes of PE. There are those who have characterized the cases as being psychogenic which is associated with situations like;
• Anxiety
• A low frequency of the sexual act
• Partner novelty
There are also those that characterize the cases as being biogenic with situations like;
• Substance abuse
• Endocrinopathy
• Opiate withdrawal
It is expected that once the condition is treated the PE will cease.


A clinician may face a challenge in treating PE. This is because we poorly understand the pathophysiology of PE. There are various therapy that can be undertaken;
Nonmedical Therapy
This includes psychological and behavioral therapies. They play a significant role in the management of the PE
Medical therapy
This refers to administering drugs to cure PE. These drugs have a varying degree of success. There both the historical and the more recent agents.

Around one in every 5 men is being affected by PE. It can result in personal distress and in the long run affect the relationship of a man and his partner.

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