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Highly Effective Treatments for Premature Ejaculation

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Premature Ejaculation Causes and cure 

 Premature ejaculation is often a sexual dysfunction that affects men when they release the semen or ejaculate very fast sometimes even without actual penetration.According to international standards during good sex a normal ejaculation should happens after around five and a half minutes any ejaculation before this is premature.

P.E as is commonly referred to is attributed a number of direct and indirect issues, one quite common is Psychological and physiological factors, most men with this sexual dysfunction happen to suffer from one of the other psychological issue such as stress or depression both permanent and temporal, Emotions of hatred and guilt most often than not force men to have premature ejaculations physiological issues such as the size and shape of the penis also highly contribute to this dysfunction  

 Ejaculations require energy and vigour and As you get older you lose several things such as good health, body and your sexual prowess diminishes the older you become the shorter and less firm your ejaculations will be. Though premature ejaculations happens at any age they are likely to increase with age.

Your Partner

Believe it or not, your partner contributes a lot to your performance in bed .some people fall out of love and lose interest in sex and often do it as an obligation Consequently PE.

When your partner nagging and clitorises your performance in bed you get embarrassed and lose confidence this makes you have premature ejaculation as you lose intimacy, sometimes men have found their cure just by being intimate with another partner where they showed exemplary performance

The cure 

The good news is that most premature ejaculation can be cured so don’t suffer in silence There are many remedies that permanently sure PE, such as Psychological therapies, counselling, behaviour change and therapy, through drugs and in extreme cases through surgical procedures 

The most important part of any problem solution is acceptance, once you accept that you have a problem seek help or talk to someone most especially a urologist and learn of the possible solutions.

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